Terms & conditions


1. Master Crew/Nakhimov crew placement services

1.1. It is agreed that the Client (who might be represented by Captain or yacht manager) engages Master Crew/Nakhimov to provide contact information and CVs of selected candidates (up to 7 in total) to be considered for employment, and agrees to pay a fee for services rendered.

1.2. The placement fee for the Company services is earned each time a candidate is placed, up to 6 months from the date of initial presentation of contact information to Client. This fee will also be incurred by said Client who refers a Master Crew/Nakhimov candidate to another employer, should that candidate be subsequently hired within 6 months of the referral. The Client shall inform Master Crew/Nakhimov by e-mail addressed to crew@mastercrew.com about the placement status of the candidates received from the Company in 14 calendar days after the receipt of contact information. If this is not executed than the full placement fee should be paid to the Company for each candidate.

2. Fee structure and payment terms

2.1. The Client shall pay the following fees to the Company: - For the permanent position (30 days and more) - all crew 90% of one month’s salary - For the temporary position (30 days or under) - all crew 20% per day of daily rate, billed on last day of employment.

2.2. The following discounts for multiple placement are applicable: - 2nd placement – 15% discount; - 3rd placement – 20% discount; - 4th placement and more – 30% discount.

2.3. The fee for services is due and payable if the Client engages the applicant with 6 months from introduction. Payment is required within 14 calendar days from the date of employment or 1st date of invoice, whichever is sooner.

2.4. All fees paid to the Company are non-refundable.

3. Warranty period

3.1. In the event employment of a permanent candidate is unsuccessful, during the first 45 calendar days of employment, Company shall onetime offer 3 replacement candidates if:: 1) Company’s fees has been paid in full by due date of invoice (14 days). In case of payment delay over 14 days the replacement will be null and void; 2) There has been no change of vessel ownership or captain; 3) Company must be advised within 7 days of termination about the reasons for termination. The Client is liable for candidates subsequently employed and the Company cannot be held responsible for the actions of the candidate, in any circumstances, following their employment.

4. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

4.1. This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Principality Monaco and each of the parties agrees to submit any dispute under this Agreement to the Monaco Court.